SFD8 / Double eight - 2018 version

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SFD8 / Double eight - 2018 version​

 The new version of the 2018 of the SFD8 is carried out in a higher-quality aluminum as the previous model.

 SFD8 or also known as double eight is an extension of the classical figure of eight with which a variety of techniques to descend, equip, rescue and increase along can be performed.
The purpose of SFD8 the scope of canyoneers one device to perform the many "experienced leaders" techniques.
Canyon instructor Fabienne BORIE, creator and maker of SFD8 has always been a priority to provide access techniques greatest number.
A single objective: the security
The SFD8: descending / equip
Changes in technology and equipment in the last decade was characterized by increasingly complex products in their design and in its use.
A new approach has been strengthened lately: Simplicity.
The SFD8 is the result of this process, a product of simple design techniques for use facilitated.
Originally designed for canyoning, its use is the day in many other activities possible today.

The SFD8 is part of a wider process of reflection on "simplification" in learning.
This approach, the "SF" method provides technical answers for practitioners

  • - Simplification of learning for beginners
  • - Reliability techniques for experienced practitioners.

Weight: 138g (compared to 130 g for a "classic eight")
Breaking strength: 30 kn
Dimensions: 177 mm x 74 mm (compared to 145 mm x 74 mm for a "classic eight")
The use of the SFD8 as previously equip is recommended with the use of:
two sets with canyon screw carabiners (secured canyon sets).


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