Valle de BENASQUE - Descenso de Barrancos

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Valle de BENASQUE - Descenso de Barrancos

 Language: Spanish

We present the first complete canyoning guide of the Benasque Valley. Completely updated, collects detailed information, sketches and photos of each and every one of the drops so far exist in the valley. Up to 36 drops find among which are some of the most legendary canyons of the Pyrenees, as Eriste, Barbaruens, Literola or Liri; we can also find a variety of little-known but remarkable drops (water, with large vertical forest environments ...) of that so far almost no information; without forgetting the latest openings have been made of two large drops, the Gallant Gorgas Gorgas and Alba. 

This guide is the result of a comprehensive project that in recent years has conducted Iván Rodríguez-Torices -Technical Deportivo Superior Canyons and physical-Technical Activities, performing various tasks such as gathering information updated every ravine (developed new sketches and profiles) and retrofitting some declines and recovery and marking of several access roads.


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