Webbing (sling)

 Band slings are made of flat band material and are therefore more resistant to sharp rocky edges.
They are mainly used for self-insurance, building a stand and as a hoist.

For protection and anti twist see: Rope & webbing / Accessoires.

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  • Beal Dyneema 15mm strap sling  of the role
    Beal Dyneema 15mm strap sling of the role

    BEAL DYNEEMA 15MM STRAP SLING OF THE ROLE This is a Dyneema tape of 15mm width, which is very durable. Perfect to use to customize, for caving and canyoning very convenient.

    Price per meter - please order the desired length.


    € 3,54
  • Beal Tubular 16mm strap sling of the role
    Beal Tubular 16mm strap sling of the role

    BEAL TUBULAR 16MM STRAP SLING OF THE ROLE This is a nylon band width of 16mm which is hollow. Perfect use for tire ment custom buttons, for caving and canyoning very convenient. Canyoning mainly opoffersling in combination with…

    € 1,50
  • CT Extender nylon
    CT Extender nylon

    CT EXTENDER NYLON Climbing Technology Extender NY Robust and durable 16 mm polyamide quickdraw sling.
    Available in green
    Available lengths: 17 and 22 cm.
    Strength: 25 kN.
    Ref. No. Length Colors
    7W10001708 17 cm green / grey edge…

    € 2,25
  • CT Extender nylon green/orange
    CT Extender nylon green/orange

    CT EXTENDER NYLON GREEN/ORANGE Climbing Technology Extender NY Robust green / orange and durable 16 mm nylon express sling to make your own canyonset.

    ∙ Available in green / orange
    ∙ Available length: 17 cm
    ∙ Width:…

    € 2,30
  • NEW at CanyonZone

    CT Tricky
    CT Tricky

    CT TRICKY A long reach tool - not only for climbers but also usefull for canyoneers :) Maybe you had it already in some canyons, you just can't reach easily the rappel anchorpoint with dabger of falling. You arms are just to short…

    € 29,90 € 26,95
  • Edelrid Antitwist
    Edelrid Antitwist

    EDELRID ANTITWIST The antitwist holds the carabiner in position. Twisted carabiners are now a thing of the past.
    Available for 8, 11 and 16 mm express slings.

    € 0,95
  • Edelrid Dyneema Sling 11mm
    Edelrid Dyneema Sling 11mm

    EDELRID DYNEEMA SLING 11MM Light sling band of very strong Dyneema material

    ∙ Weight: 10 grams (60cm)
    ∙ Tensile strength (kN): 22 kN
    ∙ Dimensions (mm): 120 cm x 11 mm
    ∙ Material: Dyneema
    ∙ Available lengths: 60cm…

    € 9,00
  • NEW 2017

    Edelrid Dyneema Sling 8mm
    Edelrid Dyneema Sling 8mm

    EDELRID DYNEEMA SLING 8MM 8mm narrow dyneema slings in various lengths.

    Light, thin and yet very strong. Perfect for hourglassers and abalakovs. This 8mm sling is ideal for all applications where weight and strength are in the…

    € 8,95
  • Edelrid Tech Web Quickdraw sling 12mm
    Edelrid Tech Web Quickdraw sling 12mm

    EDELRID TECH WEB QUICKDRAW SLING 12MMPerfect quickdraw sling to use on your canyoning / caving pack to hang your bag on the belay station.

    The Tech Web Quickdraw can be attached directly to the bag with a girth hitch

    ∙ The…

    € 5,50
  • Edelrid X-Tube 16mm
    Edelrid X-Tube 16mm

    EDELRID X-TUBE 16MM The X-Tube is a 16mm band made of robust and durable nylon in tubular (hollow) construction. Perfect for taking the canyon or cave for tailored emergency anchorages.

    Specification:∙ Weight: 34 grams /…

    € 2,00 € 1,75
  • Petzl Anneau
    Petzl Anneau

    PETZL ANNEAU Sewn nylon strap loop available in several sizes: 60, 80, 120 and 150cm.


    ∙ 4 different sizes in 4 different colors:60 cm in yellow 60 g
    ∙ 80 cm in blue 80 9
    ∙ 120 cm in green 100 g
    ∙ 150 cm…

    € 4,50
  • Petzl Axess 17cm sling
    Petzl Axess 17cm sling

    PETZL AXESS 17CM SLING Durable sling with STRING for use as quickdraw

    The AXESS sewn sling, equipped with a STRING, is a simple, durable solution for beginner and casual climbers looking for reliability.


    ∙ Durable…

    € 3,70
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