Swiss Alps Canyoning

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Swiss Alps Canyoning

 Language: English and French

This canyoning topo book, 16.5cm x 24cm size, describes 121 canyons in the Swiss Alps, with summary information on hundreds of high canyons. As a bonus, a number of tours in the Swiss Jura Mountains.

Trümmelbach, Gamchi, Rosenlaui, Segnes, Gries, … all the famous canyons from central Switzerland are published in this book, most of them for the first time in English!

560 pages, all printed in color, with more than 600 pictures, 105 maps, 76 canyon profiles + sector maps, touristic information… this is THE canyoning book for Switzerland!

The areas described are: Neuchâtel, Vaud, Valais, Oberland, Bern, Glarus, Saint Gallen, Graubunden, Obwald, Uri, Nidwald, Luzern, Solothurn, Jura…

This book will enable you to discover awesome canyons in scenic villages such as Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Kandersteg, Adelboden, Vättis, Flims, Laax…

The book is divided in 6 geographic sectors, Grisons, Glaris / Saint Gallen, 4 Cantons, Oberland Est, Oberland Ouest and Suisse Romande / Jura.
Most of these canyoning routes are described for the first time in English.

This book also includes:

  • A general map of all the canyons described or mentioned ;
  • A general Index to find each canyon easily;
  • At the end of the book, a summary table of all canyons, with all the important information.

Each of the 121 canyons is described on 2, 4, 6 or 8 pages according the amount of information published.

Each canyon description features:

  • A summary band with all the main information about the canyon, such as the interest, the difficulty, approach, descent and return times, the time of the year to do the canyon, the size of the drainage basin…;
  • A detailed description of the access, the approach, the canyon, the return, the commitment and the hydrology ;
  • A map to locate the canyon and the accesses;
    Lots of color pictures of the canyon.

For around 80 canyons, the profile is also drawn.

Each of the 6 sections starts with:

  • A map to locate easily each canyon of the sector and each secondary canyon;
  • An index with all the canyons of the area;
  • General information such as, where to sleep, the touristic highlights of the area…;
  • Then each section ends with a few pages where all the secondary canyons are mentioned with short information.


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