What is a canyon quickdraw / canyon climbing set?

A Canyon Quickdraw is a climbing set.

The canyon quickdraw combines powerful, compact locking carabiners with a (quick-draw) sling to get an essential tool/equipment with a variety of outdoor applications.

CanyonZone believes it is important that you can put together your own canyon climbing set according to your own needs. The choice of carabiners and the sling length are important aspects in this respect.

Which Karabiners do you use in a Canyon QuickDraw

In general, any regular non-locking carabiner can be used for a quickdraw. Classic variations have an all aluminum non-locking carabiner on both the "fixed point" (the end that connects to the hook) and the end of the rope (the end that connects to the rope).
Screw-lock carabiners have been used almost exclusively in recent years. The advantage is that the nose of the carabiner cannot get caught in the hook. This greatly improves the "action" of quickdraws.
Quickdraws can also be made with wire port carabiners. The advantage of this composition is that the closure does not freeze together at icy temperatures. They are also safer as they are less prone to whiplash if the carabiner hits the rock meaning they are less likely to undergo an "open gate" loading scenario.
Some quickdraws feature wire carabiners with a keylock-like system, which combine the benefits of both carabiners. Other quickdraws use a combination of different carabiners.
Whatever your personal preference, it's easy to put together the right quickdraw for you.

Special Composition of a Canyoning Quickdraw

In addition to the quickdraws mentioned above, there are some other special designs. For example, quickdraws with locking carabiners on both ends. This design is ideal for particularly important intermediate fuse points, as the danger of an open gate is greatly reduced.

Dyneema or Nylon dogbones / sling

Another question that inevitably arises when buying quickdraws is that of the sling/dogbone material.
Dyneema has the advantage of being much lighter and is used for quickdraws where the weight is kept to a minimum. Nylon is heavier, but less sensitive to UV radiation. Nylon slings are also slightly wider and therefore often preferred by beginners, they are much easier to grip than thinner Dyneema quickdraws. Another practical detail to look out for are rubber retainers on the quickdraw. They prevent the carabiner from twisting on the rope in the dogbone. This further improves safety and makes cutting the rope in the quickdraws even easier.

For more detailed advice for putting together your set, see: This is how you choose a climbing set / quickdraw!

Check out CanyonZone's range of Canyon quickdraw.

Ask for advice if you are not sure what is recommended for your use.

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