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  • CAMP Oval Mini Link Stainless Maillon 5mm
    CAMP Oval Mini Link Stainless Maillon 5mm

    CAMP MAILLON 5MM Bail maillon for Rigging & Rappels Set up rappels, equip anchors, or bail off a pitch with CAMP's 5-mm Oval Quick Link which is made with durable stainless steel to last.This superlight quick link is ready to…

    € 3,75
  • CZ Oval Quick Link Maillon 8mm
    CZ Oval Quick Link Maillon 8mm

    CZ OVAL QUICK LINK MAILLON 8MM Oval Quick Link 8mm, a steel oval maillon of 8 mm. Use as a `offer` maillon and suitable for: the hang of abseiling, equipping anchors, integrate within VTT kit (foot walking on rope clamp). The…

    € 3,95
  • Petzl Demi Rond Maillon
    Petzl Demi Rond Maillon

    PETZL DEMI ROND Petzl Demi Around is a lightweight semicircular quickly switch to use for your speleo- or canyon belt as a connection between the hip loops and direct your lanyard and croll to put on the belt.



    € 16,95
  • Petzl Maillon Delta 8mm
    Petzl Maillon Delta 8mm

    PETZL MAILLON DELTA 8MM Petzl Delta is a quick link in triangle shape in 8mm execution.
    When closed with a wrench, this steel quick link becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring.Specifications

    ∙ Material(s): steel

    € 4,99 € 3,99
  • Petzl Maillon Delta 8mm with bar
    Petzl Maillon Delta 8mm with bar

    PETZL MAILLON DELTA 8MM SCREWLINK WITH BAR Petzl Delta is a quick link in triangle shape. This 8mm is formed with a bar in order to block the closure. When closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor…

    € 7,38 € 6,99
  • Petzl Maillon GO 7mm
    Petzl Maillon GO 7mm

    PETZL MAILLON GO 7MM GO stands for Grand Overture or grand opening. The maillon in 7mm implementation mainly used for attaching a lanyard to your belt, sacrificial in a canyon or as an extra loop on your belt.



    € 4,84
  • Petzl Maillon No 5
    Petzl Maillon No 5

    PETZL MAILLON NO 5 Petzl Maillon No. 5 is a mini quick link to install a recupeersysteem for example, the Petzl Fifi or to connect a rope ladder with a rope clamp.

    This mini maillon has a breaking strength of only 280kg…

    € 4,48
  • Petzl Speedy
    Petzl Speedy

    PETZL SPEEDY Petzl Speedy is to open a fast maillon / fast switch is made from lightweight aluminum.

    Quick to open in just four strokes. Use as bring back anchor point for fixed speleotouwen or link for your stairs cord to the…

    € 11,98 € 9,95


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