Professione Canyon Gigio

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Professione Canyon Gigio

 Made to simplify all types of maneuvers in canyons,  is Professione canyon's new descender.

From today on available at CanyonZone.

GIGIO   EN 15151-2 : 2012

  • Adjustable braking device - Descender and belay brake

  • Adjustable brake device   – Descensor and safety brake

  • Einstellbare Bremsvorrichtung   – Abseilgerät und Standbremse


  • It has all the advantages of the 8 and does not have the defects
  • It is perfect for the beginner in the basic modalities and is an excellent companion for the expert canyoner and the guides, for advanced progression, assistance and rescue techniques
  • Using it in the classic way you will no longer have to worry about the potential danger of the "wolf's mouth", with GIGIO it is impossible for it to form.
  • It is versatile and easy to use. It is possible to modulate the friction in at least 17 different levels, according to the weight of the user, the thickness and stiffness of the string and the playing conditions
  • It does NOT have any hooks or bumps to get entangled with ropes, backpacks, other canyoners' gear.
  • It has NO sharp corners where the rope can get stuck

Discover all the ways to use Gigio and if you find some more, write to us. We will evaluate it and if effective we will advertise it.


The GIGIO is made in aeronautical aluminum, Ergal AL7075, lighter and much more resistant than the alloys normally used for canyoning descenders.

They have chosen a "hard" anodic treatment which protects the aluminum more thoroughly. This treatment gives the aluminum a background color that does not allow light pigmentation (blue, pink, red, green, etc.), so we chose to "color" it opaque black. This pigment is inherently brittle, and easy to scratch or mark with carabiners or other objects.

Therefore, the minor scratches and scuffs that will appear upon first use are a feature and not a defect. We have chosen to take care of the substance because we believe it is more important that GIGIO is how each of us would like to be: strong inside!

For instructions see: INSTRUCTIONS 


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