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CE4Y Slick-Line 6.0

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CE4Y Slick-Line 6.0

 A hyper static and ultralight 6mm rope!

Light as a feather and extremely durable due to the thick rope sheath.

The highly cut- and abrasion resistant fibers (Vectran & Polyester) in the sheath and the ultra strong core make this rope a perfect combination.

The rope is very bright and good visible due to the neon-orange rope-sheath.

For canyoning use:
Aquatic canyons : Use the Slick-Line6.0 as a pull rope attached to the main rope.
With that you can handle high abseils with minimal weight and there is no need to attach the rope of someone else to be able to pull your rope down. You are independent and much faster in the handling.
You can also use the Slick-Line6.0 as an emergency rope in case your main rope got damaged or got stuck.

Dry- or semidry canyons: Use the Slick-Line6.0 in double as an abseil rope.
It is the lightest way to go down dry- or semidry canyons and due to the double strand use it is a ultra safe and durable rope.

For alpine use:
A rope ideal for glacier trekking as well as for skiers and mountaineers, with which abseiling, haul manoeuvres or crevasse rescues are possible.

Swiss Made:
Proudly produced and developed in Switzerland.
Longer ropes or special length up to 800m on request.

Technical information:

  • diameter: 6mm
  • breaking strength: 20kN
  • figure-8 knot strength: 11kN
  • weight: 23g/m
  • sheath: 56% sheath mass, material: Vectran (LCP) & Polyester
  • core: 44% core mass, material: UHMPE (Dyneema)
  • the Slick-Line6.0 is certified according to EN564.

This rope can be used with many kinds of belay devices. We recommend the Devil-8 or the Axe-8 as it works perfect with those two devices.
Appropriate training and knowledge is required before you use this rope.



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