Raumer Special Resin Anchor Placement Device - RADIUS

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Raumer Special Resin Anchor Placement Device - RADIUS 

 This simple device uses an SDS PLUS attachment and can be used with compatible drills to fix RADIUS Raumer classic resin anchors when using pre-dosed synthetic resin.


Using a hammer drill, it allows quick and effortless placement but also ensures that the resin mixes completely with the catalyst.

  • Aluminium anchor chamber.
  • Stainless steel drill attachment point.
  • SDS PLUS shank in extra-strong carbon steel.


  • After drilling the hole in the rock following "Method B" for resin anchors, insert the appropriate glass phial.
  • After removing the spiral drill bit from the drill, fix a standard SDS PLUS drill bit and insert this into the placement device.
  • Then insert the desired anchor into the hole with the phial. Strike the anchor lightly with a hammer to break the resin phial.
  • Now fix the placement device over the head of the anchor, and, ensuring that the drill is exactly in line with the hole, slowly begin to rotate the drill spindle using the trigger switch.
  • It is important to start the rotation slowly but even more imperative that it remain exactly in line with the hole. At this point, increase the drill’s rotations.
  • The anchor will be quickly and effortlessly fixed in place.
  • Turn off the drill and immediately turn the anchor in the direction of the load.
  • A small amount of resin will escape around the edges of the hole; ensure that this is spread evenly around the edges so as to prevent any future water from getting in.
  • The anchor is now perfectly placed.

Total device weight: 87 gr



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