Restube basic

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Restube basic

 The RESTUBE Basic is a handy, compact and light weight tool that (water) porters can carry with them. If you get into trouble you can keep your head above water.

We all love sports on and around the water. Restube basic is worn around the hips. It has been reduced to its basic function and is perfect for family water activities, as an added safety measure on, on and in the water.

RESTUBE offers you freedom and safety in the water. RESTUBE is a small and compact handy tool that you can easily carry with you as a bum bag. If you get into trouble in the water, you can activate the RESTUBE by pulling a cord. The RESTUBE buoy inflates itself and offers you buoyancy. Hang on the buoy, this will save your energy. The RESTUBE buoy offers enough buoyancy to keep your head above water. Wait for help or draw attention from other boaters.

Thanks to the compact size and light weight, you don't even notice that you are carrying a tool with you and it does not limit your freedom of movement. The RESTUBE Basic is suitable for many water sports activities on the water, such as sailing, fishing, rowing, kayaking or canoeing. The RESTUBE Basic can also be used for swimming, snorkeling, diving and paddle boarding.

RESTUBE the yellow buoy
The fully inflated RESTUBE buoy has a buoyancy of 75N, which can hold more than 7 KG above water. By hanging and floating on the RESTUBE buoy you can keep your head above water. Now you have time to think. RESTUBE helps you, no matter how big you are. If you are wearing heavy clothes such as shoes, take them off if you are in a critical situation.

With the RESTUBE you can also attract the attention of others if you are in need. Put the RESTUBE in the air and swing it back and forth. Thanks to its yellow color, the RESTUBE stands out well. If no one comes to help you, float on the RESTUBE and wait for help.

The RESTUBE buoy can also be inflated by mouth. After use, you can deflate RESTUBE thanks to the valve and store it in the waist bag so that you can use it again next time.

The RESTUBE buoy is made of high quality materials. The material of the RESTUBE buoy complies with the European standard DIN EN ISO 12402, which is the same standard as that set for materials and parts of inflatable life jackets. You can be sure to have a good quality product with a long life. The RESTUBE remains fully inflated for a long time and offers full buoyancy, even in extreme conditions. Each buoy is checked for firmness after production.

The RESTUBE is reusable after use. Rinse the RESTUBE with clean water and let it dry. Place a new 16 gram CO2 cartridge in the holder. The CO2 cartridge is salt water resistant and does not rust in sea water. Fold the RESTUBE and put it back in the bum bag. The RESTUBE is now ready for the next use.

Suitable for water activities such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, but is also suitable for swimming, snorkeling, diving and paddle boarding.

  • Dark Blue
  • Material: nylon / TPU
  • Dimensions: 14x6x5 cm
  • Weight: 240 grams


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