Les (Re)belles du Doubs - Tome 2 (Topoguide)

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Les (Re)belles du Doubs - Tome 2 (Topoguide)

 Author (s): collective work - GIPEK - 2019
Language: French

We were quite sure that the Doubs CDS was not going to leave their first and lonely "taupoguide". Fifty new cavities are therefore presented today in a form similar to the first opus. Same classification: beautiful discoveries, beautiful initiates, beautiful rivers, beautiful siphonas, beautiful vertiginous and beautiful classics. With a disappearance; beautiful sprinkles for lack of authorized representatives.

But in compensation, we now have beautiful neighbors, the mole having colonized other Franc-Comtois departments: Jura, Haute-Saône, Territoire-de-Belfort… Attention, Ain, Côte-d'Or, even the Lorraine departments, should be wary of this sneaky expansionism! Before the sites themselves, we have a few introductory pages, the list of clubs, a point on rescue, another on bats, another on the protection of the environment.

And then fifty cavities to discover, located on a map, with indication of the difficulty, the risk of flooding, the time to plan for the visit, the town, the coordinates (Lambert and GPS), the development, the depth, the history of explorations, indications for access, description, equipment sheet, topography, and indication of a particular interest, indicated by the design of the moles' meshes…
The two volumes published therefore have 100 cavities: there are 5900 left to discover! We salute this editorial effort and this concern for sharing information: an example to be reproduced everywhere, magnificently illustrated by dozens of beautiful color photographs and "mole" drawings. It’s nice, well designed, in short, essential to discover the underside of Franche-Comté.
Eric Jeannot, top chef of the project!


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