Peru - Barranquismo en Cuispes Y Cocachimba

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Peru - Barranquismo en Cuispes Y Cocachimba

 Authors: Grupo de Exploración Gocta
 Language: Spanish

After almost 10 years exploring canyons in Peru, we finally brought to light a canyoning guide that gathers the descents opened along these five expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon.

The guide lists 19 descents located in the province of Bongará, in the foothills of the northernmost Amazon of the country. At the same time, they are articulated in two sectors. On the one hand those located in the area of ​​influence of the municipality of Cuispes and that constitute the "forest of the falls", where impressive waterfalls collapse from the top of the jungle, saving almost 1000 meters of difference. On the other hand there are the descents located in Cocachimba and that are precipitated from the top of the Gocta circus. Apart from these descents, there are other three that are located outside these sectors but are located in the vicinity of Pedro Ruiz.

Due to its size, some of the descents have been articulated in several parts. Each of them can be done during the day.

Of the 260 pages of the guide, almost 50 of them are dedicated to Peru with the purpose of offering the necessary information so that any team can plan an expedition of this type. Each descent contains data on its history of exploration, hydrology and / or geology, as well as a description of the accesses, descents and returns. In addition, each review is accompanied by maps, topographies, coordinates and abundant graphic material.\

To get an idea how the guidebook is follow this link for a sneak preview


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