Rent-a-potholing ladder

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€ 21,00 (including VAT)

Rent-a-potholing ladder

 Rent ladder:                                                             

First day: € 21.00

Each additional day: + € 7.50

  1 day = 24 hours

At CanyonZone this is for rent.

The potholing ladder is 10m long.
Two or more ladders may be attached to each other for an extra high ascent and / or descent.

Among other things to be used for climbing ladder potholing. Climbing without climbing wall!

NOTE: It is not a Personal Protection Device: do not use ladder as component of a protection system against falls from a height. During use of ladder system to protect against falls from a height have to be foreseen.

Instuction for use: During te use of the ladder you also mus foresee and use a system to protect against falls from a height. Using the specific quick links, fasten the end of the ladder to a reliable anchor point of strength > 10kN (fig 1). You can join 2 or more ladders as showing in fig 2.


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