Rodcle Chest strap for backpack (normal)

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Rodcle Chest strap for backpack (normal)

 Cinta Pectoral “Rodcle”

Rodcle Chest strap (for backpack). Fits all Rodcle backpacks, has a normal release.

Pectoral Clip 25. It is a chest strap to reduce the opening of the shoulder straps and to increase the comfort on long walks, Pectoral Clip 25 has a trident-type quick release and elastic adjustment with limited stretch. The intention is to be externally anchored on the existing 25 mm straps on the pads of the backpacks.This model has the Tick system developed by Rodcle to prevent the chest / shoulder connection accidentally released.

ATTENTION VERY IMPORTANT: During the descent, the closure must be open or completely removed from the backpack. To avoid possible hooks and not hinder the release of the backpack in an emergency.


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