Alp Design X-Pile

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Alp Design X-Pile

 Mens undersuit made from Tecnostretch. Comfortable, warm and long lasting.
This is our warmest and most durable caving undersuit, making it an ideal choice for (semi-) wet caves as well as some of the colder sytems worldwide.

The body hugging fit and stretch nature of the material aid ease of movement and comfort while in the cave. Highly recommended for anyone who feels the cold. Microfibre pile undersuit. 

Warm and comfortable, the “stretch” fabric provides excellent freedom of movement. Technostretch is ideal as a base or as a mid layer. The components make the outside durable and the polyester inside is insulating and fast drying. The stretch material ensures a body hugging fit. Two zips, one to get into suit, second zip passing under crotch and up the back, ideal for the person spending a long time underground! 


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