Zipper broken? That's how it works again!

Canyonzone has 3 tips to make your zipper run smoothly again

If the zipper no longer closes properly, does not open and close smoothly or is even completely stuck, you do not have to replace it immediately. Don't lash out at it either, because that never really works. With these tips, the zipper is completely kits again!

Tip 1: Check the zipper
Where is the zipper stuck? Are there loose threads between the zipper or maybe a piece of fabric? Then try to loosen the zipper by very gently moving the zipper up and down. Do not pull too hard on the zipper or on the fabric, because then the fabric will break.

Tip 2: Lubricate the zipper
Does the zipper open and close smoothly? Then grease the zipper.
A Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant Stick has therefore been included in the Canyonzone range.

Of course, you can also try using a household lubricant such as Vaseline or soap. Put some lubricant on a cotton swab and rub it over the zipper. Then open and close the zipper a few times so that the lubricant spreads well. Make sure that the lubricant does not stain. Have a cloth ready and place a cloth on the inside of the garment under the zipper. With the marker you have a better tool at your disposal.

Tip 3: Check the zipper teeth
Does the zipper not open or close any further? Check that all zipper teeth are straight. If this is not the case, you can straighten the zipper tooth with a pair of pliers. Lubricate the zipper for a while, then the zipper should open and close smoothly again.

If these tips don't help, it might be better to put in a new zipper.

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