That's why no cotton clothing at Caving!

 Wear warm clothing (NO COTTON), such as polypropylene or polyester, and bring a rescue blanket / emergency blanket in your caving bag and pack.
It is important that all layers of clothing are made of synthetic material, even underwear and socks.
Cotton absorbs and retains much more water than synthetic fibers.
Wearing cotton clothing in a cave will cool your body very quickly.
If cotton is worn make sure it is above the synthetic layers
If you do the opposite, you draw heat from your body, because the wettest layer comes into direct contact with the skin.
Also make sure your flashlight or headlamp is in good condition (and bring an extra light source and batteries)
Caves are often cold and hypothermia is one of the most dangerous risks you can face.
 If your clothes get wet and you don't have replacements, wring them out thoroughly and wear them so your body heat can dry them
Try to keep moving, even if it is just moving in the place, if you get too cold but avoid sweating.

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