Cañones : Manual de hidrología para barranquistas

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Cañones : Manual de hidrología para barranquistas

 This manual is the key to really delve and understand the incredible world of canyoning. Understanding the origin of the guns, its formation, its channel presence in certain ways, learn to anticipate a flood and how to get out of it ... are vital skills for any practitioners of this sport, whether professional or amateur.

Its author, José A. Ortega Becerril, science has made it simple and close, and also helpful. Wide range of issues, ranging from general concepts, like the first chapter, necessary to understand the other, to the particular, as the sixth chapter that speaks specifically treated on hydraulics and that will help us know how to read the water underlying hidden dangers. Others, like the appendix, we present practical examples based on real cases that will serve to know that you should not do when you get into the bed of a ravine, or even better, to know when you should not even try. You must never forget that the rivers, even his dry riverbeds, are living things. With this book we want to contribute to the safe practice of canyoning giving you the keys for his soul.

ISBN: 978-84-9619-200-3 
Publisher: Editions Desnivel
Pages: 144 
Format: Paperback 
languages: Spanish
Issue Date: April 2003


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