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  • Petzl Fifi
    Petzl Fifi

    The Petzl Fifi is a hook for positioning and propulsion in artificial climbing and haulbag retrieval. Lower carabiner opening for connection to lanyard, ladders or haul bag.

    € 14,00 € 12,50
  • Petzl Gradistep - Five-step etrier
    Petzl Gradistep - Five-step etrier

    The Petzl Gradistep is a light polyester tape ladder with 5 steps for artificially crossing a free route. Comes with a case in which the Gradistep can be stored.

    € 42,00 € 34,95
  • Petzl Looping ladder/footlooping
    Petzl Looping ladder/footlooping

    Is a nylon strap ladder / foot loop with 4 reinforced steps. This strap ladder can be installed on the Petzl Ascension hand rope clamp as well as on an anchorage.

    € 45,00 € 36,95
  • Petzl Quickstep
    Petzl Quickstep

    Is a tape ladder with an adjustable nylon one step (mono step) for artificial climbing. Foot fixation system to keep your foot in the scooter during load.

    € 32,00 € 29,95
  • AV Explobag
    AV Explobag

    Rectangular caving bag in PVC 1000 dtex 700g/m². Used for carrying plugs, hammer and hand drill. Closure by both Self grip and clip fastener. Internal accommodation for hammer handle. Pocket for cones.

    € 37,95
  • Beal Air-Port 4
    Beal Air-Port 4

    Aluminum rigging plate for use of 4 connections. 20mm holes allow easy turning of carabiners with closure. Weight 92g.

    € 34,44 € 32,95
  • Edelrid Mini Rig
    Edelrid Mini Rig

    Small, lightweight aluminum rigging plate suitable for extending from one to three anchor points. Weight: 62g.

    € 30,00 € 26,99
  • Fischer RM 10 glue capsule
    Fischer RM 10 glue capsule

    The pre-portioned resin capsule is easy to use and particularly suitable for individual applications and overhead installations. Secure anchoring of high loads.

    € 2,89
  • Black Diamond Angle Piton
    Black Diamond Angle Piton

    For larger cracks, pockets and holes. The design, in combination with the resilience of the steel used, gives this swatting hook (piton / percussion hook) an inherently high holding power. Available sizes: No. 1 - 6.

    € 14,00 € 11,95
  • Black Diamond Bugaboo Piton
    Black Diamond Bugaboo Piton

    Its precision-placement hooks for narrow rock cracks. There are two holes in the thick part of the hook to save weight without sacrificing strength. 4 variants.

    € 14,90 € 12,50
  • Black Diamond Knife Blade Piton
    Black Diamond Knife Blade Piton

    Classic hammer hooks for thin cracks/cracks. Knifeblades are precision ground hooks that can be used in shallow cracks due to their short length. The holes are for clipping in carabiner or maillon for proper load angle.

    € 14,90 € 12,50
  • AustriAlpin adhesive anchor glue in bolt (75 mm)
    AustriAlpin adhesive anchor glue in bolt (75 mm)

    Glue in bolts (75mm), Made of durable 8mm inox steel wire, big eye. Eye for 2 carabiners.

    € 10,50
  • AustriAlpin adhesive anchor glue in bolt (90 mm)
    AustriAlpin adhesive anchor glue in bolt (90 mm)

    Glue in bolts (90mm), Made of durable 8mm inox steel wire, big eye.

    € 10,99

    AustriAlpin Chain Belay Inox in line
    AustriAlpin Chain Belay Inox in line

    Location station with double ring, fixed with two 10mm hooks. All parts are made of stainless steel. Weight: 522 g. Total length: 30 cm.

    € 59,00 € 53,00
  • Beal Escaper
    Beal Escaper

    Detachable abseil system. It allows abseiling when only one piece of rope is available. It can be used with all rope diameters from 7.3 mm. Versatile use. Only 90 grams.

    € 55,08 € 49,95
  • Raumer ROUND RING in stainless steel 10mm
    Raumer ROUND RING in stainless steel 10mm

    Round stainless steel RING Ø10 - inner diameter = 32 mm. Used for equipping makeshift abseiling stations using rope and a bolt-chain-carabiner combination. Virtually no rope wear.

    € 5,05
  • Raumer TAP - (12x31) M8 (10 pieces)
    Raumer TAP - (12x31) M8 (10 pieces)

    TAP means self-drilling anchor. The advantage is that in this case you don't have to use the drill to make the hole, but you can do it all manually using the Raumer Stroker.

    € 47,95 € 43,95
  • Raumer MINI TOP 8mm
    Raumer MINI TOP 8mm

    New caving anchor, small in size, lightweight and easy to use, making arming even easier. No more carabiners! The cable contact point on the anchorage takes place on a Ø 10 mm.

    € 19,16

    CT Caving Anchorage
    CT Caving Anchorage

    Caving anchor, composed of a perforated light metal plate and a Dyneema cord. Supplied with 8mm hex screw and O-ring. To be used with 5 mm Dyneema cord. Weight 23 g (36 g with 35 cm dyneema cord).

  • Petzl Cheville Autoforeuse 10mm
    Petzl Cheville Autoforeuse 10mm

    Self-drilling anchor, 15 mm diameter for 10 mm bolt. Galvanized steel plug with an expansion cone for the hanger. Caving, canyoning, mountaineering, rescue activities, mountain rescue, firefighters.

    € 3,99 € 2,95
  • Raumer Wing 10mm with Ring A316L 10mm
    Raumer Wing 10mm with Ring A316L 10mm

    Very popular hook for alpinism, sport climbing and canyoning, to equip simple, efficient and safe pitches at a very competitive price. The inner diameter of the stainless steel ring is an optimal 32mm.

    € 8,29
  • Black Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool
    Black Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool

    With a wiregate for easy racking and a rounded heel for pounding, The Black Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool solves problems encountered during on-route trickery.

    € 19,95 € 16,99
  • CT Footsteps
    CT Footsteps

    Climbing Technology (CT)​ Footsteps is a lightweight etrier with 4 steps, suitable for ascending the rope in combination with an ascender handle (e.g. CT QUICK-UP Plus).

    € 44,50
  • Edelrid AID Climber
    Edelrid AID Climber

    Adjustable foot loop ascender for conveniently ascending ropes. Four steps make it easy to overcome even difficult sections without having to adjust the length.

    € 49,95
  • Edelrid Pro Step foot loop
    Edelrid Pro Step foot loop

    Perfect for climbing the fixed rope and for conquering difficult passages. A wider support point ensures a better distribution of the body weight. Efficient length adjustment thanks to the double back buckle.

    € 24,95


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