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    Salewa G2 Figure 8
    Salewa G2 Figure 8

    Abseiling and belay device in one. Innovative design, easy operation. Suitable for modern single and twin ropes. Figure 8 for rappelling and belaying.

    € 12,00
  • AustriAlpin abseil Eight
    AustriAlpin abseil Eight

    Standard abseil eight in different colors available. MAIN MATERIAL :aluminum / anodized, WEIGHT :110 g. LENGTH: 132 mm, WIDTH: : 75 mm

    € 17,50
  • Edelrid Bud
    Edelrid Bud

    In a new design. Universal use for abseiling, equip and secure. Suitable for single ropes from 7.8 - 12 mm. Approved rope type: Single rope, double rope, twin rope.

    € 18,00 € 16,50
  • Black Diamond Super 8
    Black Diamond Super 8

    A classic sure/descend device. It uses a unique design that eliminates excess material by thinning out the parts that do not make rope contact. for double rope up to 8.1mm and single rope up to 11mm.

    € 20,00 € 17,99
  • Mammut Bionic 8
    Mammut Bionic 8

    The optimal size / weight ratio and the grand opening of the small eye for several carabiners and use thinner ropes (8mm or thinner) makes the Bionic 8 an absolute all-rounder to use for canyoning.

    € 16,00
  • Edelrid Hannibal
    Edelrid Hannibal

    The eight abseil device is specially designed for canyoning with different braking positions. Suitable for single ropes from 7.8 to 12mm. With internal rubber ring to keep carabiner in place. Made of aluminum alloy.

    € 25,00

    Mammut Nano Eight
    Mammut Nano Eight

    Ultra-lightweight rappel device for very low diameter ropes. The Nano 8’s special design and shape allow different strengths of braking levels to be achieved to ideally adjust the rappelling speed. Canyoning, Classical Alpinism.

    € 20,00
  • Black Diamond ATC Guide
    Black Diamond ATC Guide

    Is a versatile belay and descent tool for single rope and double rope use. You can block one climber while letting the other second climber continue to climb. Works on rope from 7.7 to 11 mm.

    € 27,95 € 26,00
  • CT Crocodile
    CT Crocodile

    Is a multifunctional rappel/lashing device made of a hot forged light aluminum. It has two holes, ideal for positioning the anchor, attaching the rope for abseiling, rope maneuvers and rescues.

    € 12,50
  • le Neuf (9spirit) / The Nine
    le Neuf (9spirit) / The Nine

    Self-locking safety device for use on single rope, dynamic UIAA rope from 9.1 mm to 11 mm. Use with HMS pear-shaped carabiner, D-shaped carabiners prohibited (unwanted pinching of the rope).

    € 39,90
  • Petzl SIMPLE
    Petzl SIMPLE

    Simple, lightweight descender - descender for caving. Very easy to use. The speed of the descent is controlled by varying the grip on the free end of the rope. Use on 8.5 to 11mm low stretch rope.

    € 75,00 € 69,95
  • Petzl Stop
    Petzl Stop

    Supported braking system for caving. The ergonomic handle provides a particularly comfortable grip and usability. Friction zones are made of stainless steel for great durability. Use with 8.5 to 11mm rope.

    € 135,00 € 122,99
  • Petzl Freino Twist Lock
    Petzl Freino Twist Lock

    Is a twist lock carabiner with integrated brake pawl for use with descenders to create friction that provides additional braking action. The descent hand is thus less stressed. To be used on single ropes.

    € 45,00
  • Petzl Freino Z
    Petzl Freino Z

    Is an auto-locking twistlock carabiner with brake track in one, designed for the descenders of the Petzl STOP 2019 and Petzl SIMPLE 2019. It allows the user to increase or control the braking action of the descent.

    € 48,00 € 45,75


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