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  • AV Fast
    AV Fast

    AV FAST Aventure Vertical First gordel Harness for climbing, mountaineering and canyoning, fully adjustable with the ladder lock buckles.The minimum adjustment of the leg loops and waist band is the same for all sizes. The…

    € 39,95
  • Edelrid Iguazu II harness
    Edelrid Iguazu II harness

    EDELRID IGUAZU II HARNESS The Iguazu II is an innovative harness designed for canyoning guides, which can cope with extreme punishment from both rock and water. It has an ultra-robust seat protector that can be replaced if…

    € 204,95 € 154,95
  • MTDE Varonia
    MTDE Varonia

    MTDE VARONIA An interesting combination legloop / bum-strap sit harness, with the same build quality and thoughtful design as the Amazonia and Picos models. In this case the bum strap is not fixed, the principle being that it can…

    € 77,95 € 69,95
  • Seland Canyon
    Seland Canyon

    SELAND CANYON Canyoning harness with the possibility of putting a protection seat.

    ∙ Size: One size, adjustable and XL (Extra Large)

    € 59,95 € 47,50
  • Edelrid Absorber Sling
    Edelrid Absorber Sling

    EDELRID ABSORBER SLING Sport-optimized self-insurance sling to the EN355 standard. To be used for securing on the location and other fixed points. Available with and without carabiner. The included carabiner is the Edelrid Pure…

    € 34,95 € 17,50
  • Rock Empire Speleo
    Rock Empire Speleo

    ROCK EMPIRE SPELEO Non-padded harness for speleological activites. Equipped with a webbing protection against abrasion. The carabiner is not a part of the product and can be ordered separately.

    ∙ 3 gear loops
    ∙ 4 QB…

    € 65,00 € 59,50
  • AV Tiprotect
    AV Tiprotect

    AV TIPROTECT Protection Tiprotect is a guard protector for Aventure Verticale type AV Fast, AV First harness.

    Snap button closure for better maintenance of the trigger guard in the high position.

    It will reduce a risk of wear…

    € 7,50 € 4,99
  • AV Spelbelt
    AV Spelbelt

    AV SPELBELT Caving belt in 43 mm webbing. Adjustable by metal ladder lock buckle.
    Two sheathed tie-in points. Two gear loops.One size, from 55cm to 110cm.

    Automatic strong stitches (like the harnesses).

    "This caving belt does…

    € 23,50 € 19,95
  • AV Muruck Kids
    AV Muruck Kids

    AV MURUCK KIDS The Muruck Kids is the most recent harness designed by AV. With its low attachment point and integral chest harness, it will be of interest to all types of cavers for kids.

    The Muruck Kids is completely adjustable…

    € 69,95 € 59,95
  • Petzl Superavanti
    Petzl Superavanti

    PETZL SUPER AVANTI Simple and lightweight caving harness with a single belt.
    Petzl Super Avantiis a simple and light harness specially designed for caving.
    The belt is fully adjustable and the compact size…

    € 70,58 € 59,95
  • Petzl Fractio
    Petzl Fractio

    PETZL FRACTIOComfortable caving harness with double belt.
    Petzl Fractio is a light and comfortable harness specially designed for caving with double belt. The compact size and light weight this harness is ideal for use in caving.…

    € 90,75 € 84,95
  • Edelrid Irupu
    Edelrid Irupu

    EDELRID IRUPU EDELRID has a new canyoneering harness: the Irupu. The Irupu has a user-friendly design and also features a replaceable seat protector. And there is a particular point of interest – the wear indicators. The webbing…

    € 81,00 € 79,95
  • AV Krubera
    AV Krubera

    AV KRUBERA The Krubera is the most recent harness designed by AV. With its low attachment point and integral chest harness, it will be of interest to all types of cavers.

    This efficient harness was put to the test by Italian…

    € 78,95 € 69,95
  • Self knots lanyard (excluding / including carabiners)
    Self knots lanyard (excluding / including carabiners)

    SELF KNOTS LANYARD (EXCLUDING / INCLUDING CARABINERS) Lifeline Lifeline of cows tail, the lines that connect you with a belt anchor point.
    The lanyards must absorb a possible fall, so that there is a tear mechanism, sliding plate…

    € 8,95
  • Alp Design Bifida
    Alp Design Bifida

    ALP DESIGN 094 BIFIDA Stitched tape with two connection points at different lengths: 35 cm and 65 cm.

    CE certification – DO NOT USE FOR THE VIA FERRATA.

    Material: PolyamideWeight: 85 g

    € 27,90 € 14,00
  • CT Ypsilon
    CT Ypsilon

    CT YPSILON An innovative asymmetrical sling in durable polyamide 16 mm, ideal for mountaineering, caving and canyoning. Innovative loop (registered design) for connection to utilize and two branches of different lengths (30 and 60…

    € 16,50
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