Bolts & Hangers 12mm

 To be used as a mounting anchor to create an anchor point for fall protection. There are steel anchor plates for indoor use and stainless steel for outdoor anchoring. Available with and without 12mm bolts/impact pins. They are equipped with an extra large connecting eye so that you can easily hook the carabiners. It is even possible to install two carabiners on one anchor.

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  • Petzl Coeur Bolt Stainless
    Petzl Coeur Bolt Stainless

    PETZL COEUR BOLT STAINLESS Stainless steel anchor composed of a COEUR STAINLESS hanger, a bolt and a nut, designed for typical exterior uses.

    It is available in 10 and 12 mm diameters.


    ∙ Complete and durable…

    € 6,81
  • Petzl Coeur Bolt Steel
    Petzl Coeur Bolt Steel

    PETZL COEUR BOLT STEEL Steel anchor for interior uses

    Steel anchor composed of a COEUR STEEL hanger, a bolt and a nut, designed for interior uses, available in 10 or 12 mm diameter.


    ∙ Complete and durable…

    € 3,98
  • Petzl Coeur Pulse 12
    Petzl Coeur Pulse 12

    PETZL COEUR PULSE 12 Removable 12 mm anchor with locking function

    The COEUR PULSE is a 12 mm removable stainless steel anchor that can be installed and removed very simply and rapidly, without tools. The locking function limits…

    € 49,40 € 43,95
  • Petzl Coeur Stainless
    Petzl Coeur Stainless

    PETZL COEUR STAINLESS Stainless steel hanger for typical exterior uses

    Stainless steel hanger for typical exterior uses. It is available for 10 or 12 mm diameter bolts.


    ∙ Durable hanger: 316L stainless steel…

    € 2,40
  • Petzl Coeur Steel
    Petzl Coeur Steel

    PETZL COEUR STEEL Steel hanger for interior uses

    Steel hanger designed for interior uses with 10 and 12 mm bolts.


    ∙ Hanger:
    - made of steel, for interior uses
    - hanger anti-rotation system: textured back keeps the…

    € 1,80
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