ATKD canyon descender belay device

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ATKD canyon descender belay device

 The canyon descender ATK has been developed and now on the market after several prototypes. Result of analyzes of situations encountered during years of field practice and supervision, the ATK descender is placed at the convergence of criteria of safety, ease of use but also evolution towards technicality. The ATK-D is similar to the ATK in its braking functions, but the ATKD has been optimized to be positioned at the relay, as a belay device
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For use and applicability, see the following PDF

The shape of the oval attachment point prevents rotation of the carabiner and thus makes use as a belay device possible.
Quick stop key, easy to make and releasable .
The ATKD allows the progressive recovery of tension thanks to the possibilities of braking.

The advantages of ATKD:

  • Simple and efficient
  • Carabiner Anti-Rotation - The shape of the attachment point prevents the carabiner from rotating and thus makes it possible to use it as a clutch release
  • Easy to also block with double ropes
  • The upper jaw facilitates the management of the current brakes without the risk of rope skipping
  • The lower jaw is enlarged for the separation of the double ropes
  • The shape of the ATKD was refined to allow users to feel good flow and controlling the rope during descent 
  • Thanks to an O-ring placed at the level of the fastener, it remains in place on its connecting carabiner
  • Quick stop key, simple and releasable
  • Gradual tension recovery thanks to the braking possibilities


  • Material: high strength aluminum with aviation certificate
  • Model with fixation rubber 
  • UIAA 129 norm
  • Production: France, rod
  • Dimensions: length 125 mm x width 81mm x thickness of 10 mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Compatibility: ropes 8.5 to 12 mm (double single and double)
  • Design: Schiavinato Jean-Claude (EFC monitor canyon)
  • Mass-machined, French manufacturing
  • Imagined and manufactured in Toulouse, FRANCE

The ATKD is a belay release with friction adjustment device. It can also be used as a rappel device
with possibility of friction adjustment.
Refer to the ATK instructions for use of the ATKD as an rappel device.
This device must not be used in any situation other than that for which it is intended.
The user is responsible for the use of the ATKD belay device, he must:

  • Read and understand the device manual before use
  • Be able and trained in its specific use or under the control of a trainer / supervisor
  • Assume all the risks arising from the practice of canyoning, assume its actions and decisions
  • The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any other assembly or use that is not presented in this notice.


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