Edelrid Ohm

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Edelrid Ohm

 The Edelrid Ohm is an innovative solution to the problems climbers with a significant weight difference have. If the forklimmer is heavier than his / her climbing partner, it is difficult for the second to check the traps of the fore climber and not to be lifted, with the risk of smacking against the rock wall.

The Ohm is attached to the first climbing set and assists with braking. When the forklimmer falls, the Ohm causes the friction on the rope to increase so that the lighter can hold the heavier partner, without being suddenly pulled up and making a smack against the rock wall.

The Ohm does not prevent the supply and intake of the rope during climbing and securing. Designed for use in climbing halls as well as outdoor sport climbing locations.

The German and Swiss Alpine Clubs (DAV and SAC) recommend that a pre-climber is no more than 1.33 times as heavy as the guarantor, ie a maximum of one-third more (for example: 60 kg, pre-climber 80 kg). With the Ohm it is possible for climbers with a lower weight to secure a forklimmer that is up to 100% heavier than the fancier. The Ohm is suitable for girth diameters with a diameter of between 8.6 and 11 mm and is particularly suitable for insurers with a body weight of 40 kg or more.


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