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Beal Spelenium 10mm - white

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Beal Spelenium 10mm - white

 A rope designed for caving and spelunking​ 

 This is spear rope, which has an ideal balance between wear resistance and flexibility.
The ease of use comes from the thin diameter and the remarkable flexibility that characterizes a type B rope. The UNICORE process that permanently binds the jacket to the core prevents one from slipping over the other. If the sheath is torn by abrasion, it still remains stuck on the core without slippage.
This allows the user to move up or down on his way.


  • Soft feeling and extremely supple for a type B rope.
  • Ease of use, even for light users.
  • Improved safety as a result of the UNICORE process.
  • Easy to prepare - cutting to length with a simple knife without any heat needed to temper the end is now possible thanks to the UNICORE process.
  • Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50% Low elongation in rope (type B) perfectly adapted to caving.
  • Recommendation: before the first use of the rope, first put it in water for a night and let it dry. The rope will shrink by about 5% and the risk of mantle shift is much smaller.
  • Price per meter
  • Max length available: 200 m (roll) - The quantity ordered is the number of meters. Eg order 22 pieces for a 22 meter rope.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Weight: 61 g / m
  • Breaking power: 25 kN
  • Rack: 4.1%
  • EN 1891 A


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