Access Point Rescue Chest Pouch with CRKT Bearclaw knife

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Access Point Rescue Chest Pouch with knife

 The On Rope “Access Point” was designed for comfort, durability, functionality, and accessibility using premium grade components. When worn in canyon, out and about hiking, or really on any adventure, the Access Point keeps important or frequently accessed gear close at hand. The adjustable strap system allows for the fit to be personalized, while ensuring there are no loose hanging straps as they are kept cleanly managed and out of the way. Access Point - ER - Emergency Rescue storage system that securely places a “Rescue” knife at the ready. 


CRKT Bear Claw
Designed for conditions there are rugged, either from the climate or the work folks are doing. The CRKT  Bear Claw™ is a knife that is easy to grip and hard to lose with a fixed blade design. A cutting machine that, thanks to the generous size finger hole, acts just like an extension of your hand. It is the perfect emergency cutting tool for anyone who needs to quickly cut rope, webbing or netting, especially if their life is going to depend on it. Fixed securely to the face of the Access Point - ER, the Bear Claw is readily available for routine webbing cuts to rig anchors as well as any unexpected situations where use of a knife may be deemed critical.  Click Here for CRKT Bear Claw Specs

Handle Security Tab
A snap based security tab is included on the Access Point-ER to ensure the knife handle is redundantly secured, kept from drooping forward, and ready for deployment. During swift water entrapment exercises, knife deployment was very reliable and cut through full strength ropes extremely quick for self rescue when it matters most. Practice releasing the rescue knife with both hands is invaluable to ensure muscle memory of its location and nuances are formed so it can be accessed without much thought when needed most. 

Knife Deployment
Not the only way to deploy, but ways we have found to work well in practice. 

Right handed deployment - Grip top of handle and place pointer finger into grip hole, Pop snap open using thumb with a downward motion, Slide thumb along top side of handle until pressing against the hard case, Bend pointer finger while using thumb as counter pressure to slide the knife securely into your hand. 
Left Handed Deployment - Grip top handle and place pinky finger into grip hole, Pop snap open using thumb with a downward motion, Slide thumb upward along handle to move release tab out of the way, Gripping handle, rotate and pull down towards your right hip to slide into a secure hand position. 

Canyon Mesh Backbone
With a backbone that utilizes our extremely tough canyon mesh, water cannot pool and allows for outstanding drainage and breathability throughout the body. Hydrophobic and extremely durable, the Canyon Mesh backbone gives the components as a whole a sturdy base.

Neoprene Face
Neoprene allows for a stretchy, yet durable face that will accept items of various sizes such as bail out rings, snacks, waterproof note pads, phones, point and shoot cameras, and various other “choose your own adventure”  items with room to spare. When items are stored within, the neoprene adds a level of protection from general travel abuse due to its natural cushion effect. 

Polyurethane Coated Coil
Utilizing polyurethane coated zippers allows the coils to be effectively hidden from exposure to the elements and helps mitigate any potential impacts/scrapes that could degrade functionality.

Internal Tether 
Access to an internal “D” Ring serves as a reliable tether for critical gear. Utilizing the internal tie in point, we remove the tether from exposure where it can be susceptible to being caught on brush or other potential “grab” spots. This tether allows any clippable items such as cameras to be secured at all times while giving users the ability to go “Hands Free” at a moments notice should it become necessary. 

No Hang Straps
Excessive hanging straps can be hazardous catch points in various scenarios and in general are unsightly and unnecessary. Adjustability is performed by initially setting the size straps into a position of personal comfort. Once adjusted, the hardware secures the straps overall to keep any excess from hanging and ensures it is cleanly managed under tension and out of the way.


  • Width: 19.5 cm
  • Length: 22.5 cm on the middle part
  • You can put a device of 7-8cm thickness in the pouch.


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