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 FixnZip is a find of inventor Chris Felix, who started the company CTF Enterprises in 2007 with the idea of ​​his find to make a commercial success. Meanwhile, the company has agreed large workforce, with people who contribute in every possible way to further develop the idea about simply replacing and / or repairing zippers. The company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon (USA), is not only strong in the development of revolutionary ideas but also is committed to make a significant contribution t the local and global community. This among other things in the form of development and volunteer work both at home and abroad.

Made in the USA
The FixnZip replacement zipper is completely manufactured and assembled in the United States. The company is proud to be that way not only to ensure the quality, but also to provide employment in the region.

Suitable for virtually all types of zippers
FixnZip is suitable for almost all kinds of zippers. It is then, however, a matter of finding the right size. It is often to find the size of a zipper on the back of the ritsglijder, this size is then indicated in the form of a number (1-10). Once you know the size of the replacement / repair zipper, you can choose the right FixnZip: Small (sizes 1 t / m 4), Medium (5 t / m 7) or Large (8 t / m 10). FixnZip incidentally works on both plastic and metal zippers and is also suitable for waterproof (or so-called invisible) zippers. In that case, place the FixnZip back to front on the zipper.

Why FixnZip?

  • Very easy to use and install
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for both plastic and metal zippers
  • Also suitable for waterproof / invisible zippers
  • Can be used for garment, bags, luggage, tents, etc.
  • Also works when the zipper a few teeth missing
  • Made in the USA


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